PRINCESS A5 Junior Hockey stick 35″ (silver/ blue)


Signature stick of AUSTIN SMITH #5 (SA Men’s Hockey Captain) now available in a junior version 35inch! Only available in South Africa. 


20% carbon composite giving it a great feel and plenty control for junior players.



MOULD / SHAPE of stick

The Mould 1 (SG1) was developed by the best player in the world, #14 Dutch international Teun de Nooijer. This shape has a thin handle, for a comfortable right hand grip and was specially designed for the “Indian Dribble” and the penalty corner injection. Suited to any position.

Ambassador player – our very own SA men’s hockey captain, #5 Austin Smith (midfielder and defender and dragflicker)!

COLOUR: Silver / blue


  • 5 different MOULDS / shapes of sticks suited for different players / positions. Design of stick indicates shape. For e.g. Mould 1 (SG1) sticks all have the same design but change colour according to the star power.
  • One balanced weight for each stick (no lights or mediums) because Teun believes there is only one weight and that’s ‘BALANCED!’
  • All PRINCESS sticks come with a full manufacturers defect replacement GUARANTEE!

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